Homebrew delivery to Ireland, Northern Ireland is only €6.95 regardless of order size, and is usually next working day after order is dispatched. We do our very best to ensure all home brew orders arrive before the weekend.

We do NOT ship large glass items or glass bottles outside of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

HomeBrewWest also deliver to:

Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands €15.00 per 20 Kg package
Austria, Poland, Czech, Denmark €20.00 per 20 Kg package
Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia €22.00 per 20 Kg package
Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden €30.00 per 20 Kg package
Portugal, Finland, Liechtenstein €30.00 per 20 Kg package
UK €99.95.00 per 20 Kg package (includes Brexit processing charges)

Please note that deliveries outside Ireland and Northern Ireland are charged per 20 Kg package. If your order comes to more than 20 Kg, we will email you requesting payment for additional shipping, so please whitelist our email address.