DoubleDragon New Turbo Yeast Range

The new flagship turbo-yeast from the makers of Alcotec. Double Dragon turbo yeasts have an improved recipe, stable quality, offering extreme purity and unrivaled results. They contain even more nutrients and trace elements.

These new DoubleDragon yeasts from the Alcotec manufacturers contain pure culture turbo yeasts fortified with minerals, vitamins and salts for the fastest and cleanest fermentations. 

Fermentataion Tips:
- use purified water (bottled or filtered)
- for maximum alcohol content and best quality, use dextrose (brewing sugar)
- keep an eye on the temperature during fermentation and try to avoid temperature extremes
- when fermenting large amounts of sugar, do not allow the liquid inside the fermenter to heat above 32-35 °C

HomeBrewWest are Ireland's official distributors of these products.

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Viewing 1 — 6 of 6 items | Page 1 of 1