Duvel Clone 20 Litres 8.5% ABV All Grain

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Duvel Clone 20 Litres 8.5% ABV All Grain
An excellent clone of this well known Belgian golden ale. Packs a serious punch at 8.5% ABV.

IBU: 30
EBC: 10
Target Original Gravity: 1.072
Target Final Gravity: 1.006
Target ABV: 8.5%

Although strong, this beer is very light in colour and dry tasting. The big white head lasts all the way down the glass. This beer should be tasted fresh, brewing it at home yields a beer as fresh as can be.

- malted barley (5.3 Kg)
- dextrose (1.15 Kg)
- hop pellets (86 grams approx) or equivalent leaf if pellets unavailable, adjusted for alpha values
- dried brewing yeast (M41 Belgian Ale)
- priming sugar (dextrose): 158 grams

Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten

Please read all the instructions, including the Notes below, before starting your brew.
- crush grains and mash at 64 oC for 60 minutes, mash out at 76 oC
- Speidel owners please get in touch for a better mashing schedule (more authentic)
- boil for 90 minutes
- if the wort volume falls below 15 litres at any stage, top up to 17 litres with boiling water
- add hop pack A 60 minutes before the end of the boil
- 15 minutes before the end of the boil, add Dextrose A, hop pack B, and the Irish moss
- at the end of the boil, add add hop pack C, cool the wort and transfer it to the fermenter
- add cold water to make it up to 20 litres
- aerate wort and pitch yeast
- ferment at 20 oC
- rack to secondary when primary fermentation is complete (about 7 days) and add Dextrose B
- wait until secondary fermentation is complete (about 7 days)
- bottle when secondary fermentation is clear

Note 1: Hops should be placed in our small fine mesh nylon drawstring bags and then added to the wort.
Note 2: Steeping grains should be placed in our medium fine mesh nylon drawstring bag and then added to the water.
Note 3: After cooling the wort, remove the hop bags and and stir the wort vigorously in a circular motion for a minute to create a whirlpool (this will cause any particles to gather in the centre of the boiler). Wait a few minutes until the whirlpool stops and then gently transfer the wort into your fermenter, avoiding the remaining hops if possible. Its good to splash it about as it goes into the fermenter since adding air (oxygen) at this stage is good for the yeast.
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