Extra Mini Keg 5 Litres Grey And Rubber Plug from Brouwland

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Extra Kegs for the Brewferm MiniKeg Starter Kit

Much easier than bottling your homebrew beer. Fill the keg with beer, add 3 grams of sugar per litre, and leave in a warm place. After a week or so, move the keg somewhere cooler. Then, after another few days, tap your beer for consumption and enjoy! 

- a 5 litre mini keg with rubber bung.

Please note that Brouwland recommend that the kegs be cleaned with: 
Chemipro OXI No Rinse Cleaner Sterilizer 1 Kg
Other cleaning agents can damage the protective coating on the internals of the kegs.

Needs a tap unless you already have a:
Brewferm Mini Keg Starter Kit
or a:
Party Star Deluxe CO2 Dispenser For 5 Litre Barrels NEW VERSION
Code 101615

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