FastFerment Insulated Jacket for FastFerment 30 Litre

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Product description

FastFerment™ Insulated Jacket for FastFerment™ 30 litre (7.9G)

This FastFerment™ Insulated Jacket was designed for the 30 litre FastFerment™. It is affordable and enables ideal temperature control for homebrewing and winemaking.

- maintains ideal temperatures for home brewing and winemaking
- fits the wall mounts and the stand
- provides access to the thermometer
- airlock always visible
- easy zip (it has 2 zippers)
- sturdy nylon exterior
- waterproof fabric 
- diameter is 52 cm, height is 86 cm

See user manual here: manual.

So, how does it work?
It controls the temperature using frozen 1 to 2 litre ice bottles as per below. See also the: user manual.

Temperature drops and number of ice bottles required: 
1.4°C: 1 x 1-litre bottle
2.8°C: 1 x 2-litre bottle
5.6°C: 2 x 2-litre bottles
8.3°C: 3 x 2-litre bottles

This works up to about a 17°C drop below room temperature. A frozen 2 litre bottle usually takes at least 24 hours to melt, so its relatively easy to maintain a constant temperature. 

The graph in the image shows just how well a lager ferments at 12°C in a room who's temperature is 20°C: 3 frozen 2 litre bottles were cycled every 24 to 36 hours. In colder conditions, add a non -electrical heating pad. 

If you would like to look at lots of videos or the FastFerment equipment in action: Click here for all videos of FastBrewing

Note: FastFerments come with the correct wall mounts for using this jacket. However if you have an older first generation FastFerment, the Wall Mounts do not have the pre-drilled holes and are not reinforced for the additional load. In that case use the stand or order the Wall mounts with pre-drilled holes (they are available separately).
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