FastFerment Plastic Conical Fermenter (30 litre) With FastFerment Dial Thermometer

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Product description

30 litre FastFerment Plastic Conical Fermenter

Comes with with a FastFerment dial thermometer.

FastFerment is an all-in-one, conical fermenter, made of food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE). Primary and secondary fermentation in the same container, no transfers and no racking. Space-saving and easy to clean. Useful content: 20-25 litres.

    Volume: 30 l
    Total height from the bottom of the collection ball to top of lid: 83.3 cm
    Total height from the bottom of the collection ball to top of (included) airlock: 90.2 cm
    Total width with/without mounting side bolts: 37.5/26.2 cm
    Weight: 1.36 kg
    Content collection ball: 700 ml
    Easy to clean thanks to 15 cm screw lid
    Ability to harvest yeast
    No sediment or oxygen contamination
    Wall mount and 1.2 m PVC tubing included
    Guaranteed consistent batches
    Integrated thermowell

Warning: Should you have trouble sealing the lid, we advise to rub white vaseline on the rubber ring and screw-thread inside the lid. This facilitates closing the lid.
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