Fermtech Automatic Syphon 58.5 cm, 1.7 Meters Tubing (23 litre glass carboys, PET carboys)

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Product description

Brouwland Auto-Siphon, Fermtech Brand 58.5 cm
Tried and tested autosyphons. Crystal-clear plexiglass automatic syphon. Pull / push once and the siphon starts. Has a detachable anti-dregs stopper, non-return valve and tubing. Not suitable for fluids with an alcohol percentage > 40 % ABV as this can damage the plastic. 

Standard model with 1.7 m tube (Ø 9/13 mm). Retracted length = 58.5 cm. Read the user manual (scroll to the bottom for the English version): User manual

Usage tips
- submerge the end of the syhon into your beer or wine,
- pump the inner tube up and down (just once should be enough),
- the liquid is automatically drawn into the syphon pipe,
- easier to use than a standard syphon with no risk of contamination, 
- comes with a large tube and will move beer / wine quickly.
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