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Genuine S30 Stainless Steel Kegging Solutions

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The brand new Stainless Steel S30 product range for homebrew CO2 is simply in a different league from others. The original S30 cylinder comes with 240g of CO2 which is 30 times as much as an 8g bulb . . . this is where it got the name in the late 1970's. S30 cylinders can be exchanged in any good home brew shop; we can also exchange empties for full cylinders via courier.

Of course the S30 system can also handle the disposable 8g bulbs, which are a bit more expensive (but also more convenient).

The new S30 keg valve is manufactured from high grade stainless steel. and can be equipped with a small piercing pin if you want to use 8g CO2 bulbs (use the new steel insert bulb holder below to screw these onto the valve). You can also insert and remove the pin and easily switch between using S30 cylinders and 8g bulbs. The valve comes in two versions - either pre-equipped with a piercing pin for 8g bulbs, or plain for use with S30 cylinders. Whichever version you get, it is as simple as removing/inserting the pin to change version. When you remove or insert the pin, you need to temporarily remove the small o-ring inside first (use a small screwdriver - carefully).

As you might expect from a quality product, the S30 bulb holder comes with a Stainless Steel thread insert so it is practically impossible to wear it out, something that is often a problem with competing products (make sure you get the genuine S30 stainless steel insert version, or it won't last very long). If you have a plain S30 valve, simply buy a S30 conversion pack (pin + o-ring), put the pin in and you have a valve that works with 8g bulbs. Although it would be possible to just put the old o-ring back of course, we have included a new o-ring with the pack to make sure there is still a perfect seal.