Empowering someone to make their own beer, cider, wine, or spirits is an amazing gift . . . but only if its not a gimmick . . . it has to work. 

The Coopers Beer Equipment kits (Coopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer, Brewbelt And Timer) work, they are by far the best selling homebrew starter kits worldwide. They are Australian, and Australia is a warm country. In Ireland, we need some extras! BrewSmarter kits include these and are the best value kits on the market: BrewSmarter Premium Beer Starter Kit (Best Value)

For wine lovers: the BrewSmarter Syphonless Wine Starter Kit. Make good homemade wines in 5 days, great wines in a couple of weeks, and incredible wines in 4 to 6 weeks. The simplest solution that includes all the ingredients is: Australian Blend Complete Wine Equipment Kit for wine in 7 days.

Or make cheese, kambucha or yoghurt. These are all great gifts for those who haven't tried to make their "own at home":  ​​​​Cheese And Yoghurt Making

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Viewing 1 — 22 of 22 items | Page 1 of 1