Grain / Malt

The widest selection of  top quality whole and crushed European and American grains available.from:
- Colorado American Malts,
- Best Malz,
- Viking,
- Castle,
- Weyermann,
- and others.

Another first for homebrew in Ireland is: Colorado Honig Malt (Honey Malt) 1 Kg. We also have Colorado American Pale and Crystal malts, so if you want to try your hand at authentic American style beers then you are on the right web site!

Although you can chose to have your grain freshly crushed just before your order is packed, we still advise using whole (uncrushed) grain for freshness, particularly if you don't use it all right away. To facilitate this, we have provided top quality grain mills: Bulldog Malt Mill (Best Value Adjustable Roller Mill By A Mile) PLUS Malt Bucket at a fantastic price. This will give you the freshest and most consistent results possible.

Crushed malt is not sold in continental Europe because of the great loss of aroma within a short time. Although it available in the UK and Ireland, but you will always wonder how fresh it is. There is another major problem with grain crushed by homebrew shops. Its really isn't that easy to do it properly. For example, stores split 25 Kg sacks of crushed grain and then repack them in 1, 3, and 5 Kg bags. If you have ever examined a 25 Kg sack of malt, you will see that the bottom of the bag is full of the esential flour, while the top of the bag is mostly husks. Its not that easy to shake a 25 Kg bag around enough to thoroughly mix these evenly. This means that those who buy the first half of the sack get very different results from others.