Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle

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Product description

This special whirlpool and aeration paddle provides an excellent whirlpool by allowing the perfect amount of liquids and solids to pass through its large blades. Simply attach to a standard electric power drill via its ‘chuck bit’ styled end for relaxed aeration of your wort. 

Whirlpooling and aerating is always a good idea before you transfer the wort into your fermenter. It infuses oxygen which promotes enhanced yeast activity and places the hops and protein back into suspension before the filtering process. 

- 304 stainless steel, 8mm (1/3”) drill bit end and 12.5 cm (5”) wide blades
- designed to be easily attached to a power drill via an 8mm (1/3”) drill bit style end
- plugged at the end
- 56cm (22”) long, perfect for use in large boilers and smaller stove top kettles
- 12.5cm (5”) wide blades to create a strong aeration and whirlpool

Connect the end of the whirlpool paddle into an 8mm (1/3”) or larger drill chuck.
Insert the paddle into the wort, start drilling slowly to turn it. 
It is best if the wort has cooled before increasing the speed.
Use the drill at a higher speed setting to aerate the wort and create a whirlpool inside your boiler. 
Note: Do not insert the paddle all the way into the Grainfather boiler as it is possible to displace the filter on the bottom of the boiler.
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