Hambleton Bard Complete Wine Starter Set With Secondary Fermenter

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Product description

This boxed starter kit contains all the equipment you will need to make a 30 bottle batch of quality wine. It comes with sterilizer, and a secondary fermenter which is essential for winemaking. It has higher quality fermenters that other kits, and a telescopic de-luxe model syphon containing a tube clip for controlling the flow of wine at bottling time. This syphon comes with a transparent tube attachment that allows you to get the syphon going without contaminating your wine.

- 2 by quality 33 liter fermenters with scale, lid, and bung,
- 2 by bubbler airlocks 
- 2 by large liquid crystal thermometers (you dont have to open the fermenter to take a temperature reading, the large LCD thermometers are easy to read),
- syphon, telescopic de-luxe model including siphon tube clip for controlling flow,
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer,
- stirring paddle,
- 100g VWP cleaner sterilizer.

Does not come with a wine ingredients kit, so you will have to buy one separately; for beginners, we would suggest starting with a Cantina wine kit as they are very easy to make, great value for money, and are ready to drink in just 5 days! We have found the Cantina Pinot Grigio very good, remarkable for a wine thats ready to drink in 5 days, and costing about a Euro per bottle to make! 

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Malcolm Williams
from Waterford
m williams
from s ireland
"This Fermenter is no good for 21L Wine Kits,if you want to use a heater. The footprint is too big so the liquid level is too low to cover the heater. Also there is no 25mm hole in the lid for the heater's bung"
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