Harris Trub Filter - 25 Micron

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Product description

Trub Filter

The Trub Filter is a coarse grade filter bag to remove dead yeast and hop residue before bottling or barreling. This is particularly effective with kits that use dry hop additions and grain brewing. This is a 25 micron bag.

Fits directly into 4” top barrels and fermenters
Effectively removes a wide variety of gelatinous matter and solids such as trub, dead yeast cells, grains, dry hops etc.
Can also be used for filtering sloe gin and other liqueur infusions
Wide range of uses and bag can be re-used many times
What is trub?
The term used for the lees, or layer of sediment, left at the bottom of the fermenter after the yeast has completed the bulk of the fermentation. It is composed mainly of proteins and dead yeast.
It also refers to hop debris. This can be a particular issue with new super premium beer kits which include hop pellets for dry hopping. Removing these before bottling or barreling will prevent off-flavors developing in the finished beer.
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