HBW 25 Litre Base Spirit Starter Kit (32 litre fermenters)

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Product description

This boxed starter kit contains all the equipment you will need to make 25 litres of base spirit. It has plenty of head space for vigorous fermentations and comes with sterilizer, and a secondary fermenter which is essential for clearing and carbon treating your wash. It comes with high quality 32 litre polypropyline fermenters. The more common 25 litre fermenters used for homebrew beer and wine making are not suitable, as they are not large enough.

- 2 by quality 32 litre fermenters with scale, lid, and bung
- 2 by bubbler airlocks 
- 1 by large liquid crystal thermometer (with this large, easily read LCD thermometer, you won't need to open the fermenter to take a temperature reading)
- hydrometer
- stirring paddle
- 100g VWP cleaner sterilizer

This does not come with a yeast kit, so you will have to buy one separately; we suggest starting with the Alcotec Triple Still Turbo Yeast. This new techology yeast pack produces 23 litres of the cleanest base spirit possible. However, fermentation temperature must be kept below 24 oC or the yeast will die. For hot summer days, the Alcotec 48 Dual Turbo may be more suitable.

You should also invest in a heating belt (brew belt) for better temperature control in winter. These can be found in the Homebrewing Equipment section.

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