Home Brew Gas Burner Mini Dragon 3.5 Kw

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Home Brew Gas Burner Mini Dragon 3.5 Kw

A very affordable gas burner for extract and all grain brewers.

Dimensions: 300 mm x 300 mm x 135 mm

Many customers will already have the connection bits and pieces (if you have camping cookers etc) which is why the burners don't ship with them. For all the burners, the connection bits required for Southern Ireland are as follows:

HA132 8.3mm Hose €1.59+VAT per metre

HA9662 37mbar Propane reg €3.54+VAT

HA819 Jubilee Clip €0.49+VAT each

For N.I. you would use the same hose and clips but use the following regulator instead:

HA344 37mbar propane POL €3.54+VAT

Or you could use the Patio Gas regulator for both Ireland & N.I.

HA998 37mbar Patio Gas Reg €6.03+VAT

www.gasproducts.ie charge €5.50 + VAT for shipping.
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