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Homebrew Beer Kits

A range of 40 pint homebrew beer kits to suit every budget

We have a range of 40 pint beer kits to suit every budget that offer truly unbeatable value when it comes to fermentables. The fermentables are ingredients required in addition to the beer kit can (or pouch) contents, and may include brewing sugar, malt extract (LME), spraymalt, or brew enhancers.

Next Generation Beer Kits

Many of the best modern beer kits now come in pouches, not cans. This is because the canning process can damage the delicate ingredients. Leading the way are: Craft Range, Coopers, and Better Brew. MasterPint kits offer incredible value. 

Sugar Alternatives for Beer Kit

HomeBrewWest wholesale two top quality fermentables which can dramatically improve the quality of your beer when uses in place of sugar: The Craft Range Light LME 1.5 Kg and The Craft Range Brew Enhancer LME 1.2 Kg. Both are perfect as an alternative to sugar for many beer kits (some don't require sugar) and they are also ideal for extract beer brewing. Even cheaper when selected as a bundle option with a homebrew beer kit. It is the recommended bundle option for all kits with less than 3 Kg of malt extract. Why use sugar anymore when you can now have top quality "All Malt" beer kits for just a couple of € more?

To simplify things and to save you hard earned cash, HomeBrewWest have created "bundles" for all homebrew beer kits. You can configure your own bundles, they are unbeatable value.

Bottled beer can be primed with sugar but to make bottling much easier, and for a better quality result, use Coopers Carbonation Drops.

Extract And All Grain Beer Kits can be found here: All Grain Mash Kits, Extract Kits