Homebrew Freebies

A range of super products for free for homebrewers in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Any homebrew products that appear in this section can be added for free when your order exceeds €99. Here's how does it works:
- create an order for over €99,
- then click on the Homebrew Freebies section,
- then select any product in this section for free: just add it to the Shopping Cart as per normal,
- it will appear in the Shopping Cart at full cost but you will then see a discount to the value of the freebie.
Please note that if there is more than one product from this section in your Shopping Cart, then only the cheapest one will be discounted.

Products in here will be rotated, the order threshold for freebies can change, and this entire section can even be removed completely at any time. There is only so much we can give away!
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Viewing 1 — 2 of 2 items | Page 1 of 1