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Homebrew Wine Kits

A wide range of wine kits to suit every budget and taste

As wholesalers, HomeBrewWest contine to establish new home brew brands in Ireland. To promote these wines, we sometimes offer special pricing until the brands have been established. We sell them at close to wholesale prices until our retail customers stock them.

Make Your Own Wine Bottle Labels

There are lots of web sites that will show you how to make your own wine labels, many have template graphics so all you have to do is fill in the name of your wine and a description etc. Just google "free wine label template".

Our Wine Kit Brands

The best selling homebrew wine kits in Ireland are the 7 day Australian Blend 7 Day New World Style Wine Kits. The Pinot Grigio in this range is as good as any of the more expensive kits according to our customers; its by far the most popular wine kit in Ireland. If you can wait another 7 days, the new The Craft Range Sessions 14 Day Wine Kits, 30 Bottle range uses unique oak chip mixes to transform the wines into shop bought quality; at just over a euro a bottle, these are superb value and are the ones we usually drink ourselves.

What to Expect from your Wine Kits

Don't expect a wine you make in 5 or 7 days to yield the same quality as a 28 or 42 day wine (although the Craft Range Sessions 14 Day wine kits and also the 7 day Australian Blend Pinot Grigio may be somewhat of an exception). After bottling, quality wines (especially 28 and 42 day wines) will really improve with age. Even a couple of weeks in the bottle can make a very significant difference.

The BrewSmarter Syphonless Wine Starter Kit is perfect for making all our 30 bottle wine kits. It's the only kit we know of worldwide that gets rid of messy syphons. It doesn't have the bits you probably don't need, like shrink wraps and labels (you can buy these separately in the Homebrew Equipment section if you wish).