Hop Oil Goldings 10 ml

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Product description

Hop oil compounds prepared from cone hops by special extraction and distillation methods.

Soluble in beer (or other beverages). 100% derived from hops by physical processes.

Offers an alternative means of adding hop aroma, giving an intense ‘dry hop’ aroma to beer that is characteristic of the specific hop variety.

For product development, the rate of initial dosing should be 100 ppm. This can be achieved using a micro-pipette at a rate of 0.1 ml per litre of bottle volume (i.e. for a 330 ml bottle, add 0.033 ml). Chill the beer. Open and introduce the required volume into the headspace of the bottle. Close the bottle, invert, chill for a minimum of 2 hours and then open and taste.

The dose rate can be increased depending on the beer and on the desired effect you want to achieve. Some micros are using up to 10 times the suggested dosage above!

Enhances pleasant flavours in the beer and can hide some off-flavours.

Free of a-acids and thus light stable.

Water white solution, can be hazy.

Fully soluble in beer and are intended dosing into finished beer. However, even distribution over total volume of beer is important for consistency.

Add to racking vessel prior to transferring the beer to ensure adequate.

Do not mix in with priming sugar (solution).
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