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Hop Pellets

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American Hop Pellets (USA)
American hops brings to mind styles such as APA, IPA and DIPA. One of the original craft types of American hops is Cascade, developed in the 1950's which later opened up for many new citrusy types such as Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe. Flavours such as Citrus, pine and tropical fruit are dominating in the American hops and with their high alpha acid content, they are also well suited as bittering hops.

English Hop Pellets (UK)
English hops are often characterised by low alpha acid content and known for their herbal, flowery and fruity taste. Most of the English types are well suited for Bitters, Porters, Stouts and Brown Ales but can also be used in the American corresponding types.

French Hop Pellets (FR)
French hop types are not as many as the American or English types. As Alsace was once German, this is the most common place to find the French hops growing. One of the most popular is Strisselspalt, often used in Saison and other Belgian light beers.

German Hop Pellets (GER)
Top quality German hop pellets from Bulldog.

Czech Hop Pellets (CZ)
Saaz is one of the most popular hops from the Czech Republic and indeed one of the most popular types from anywhere. This is one of the noble types. Czech hops are commonly used in lagers and Saaz is one of the hops used for the famous Pilsner Urquell.

Australian Hop Pellets (AUS)
In the southern hemisphere, hops grow mainly in Australia and New Zealand. Down under, hops have characteristics similar to the American varieties. Often high in alpha and often with aromas of pine and tropical fruit.

New Zealand Hop Pellets (NZ)
Great for Pale Ales, IPAs and DIPAs.

South Africa Hop Pellets (SA)
New kids on the block in Ireland for homebrew beer. These are perfect for creating African Pale Ales.