Hop Pellets By The Gram (For Recipes)

Another first from HomeBrewWest. Hops sold by the gram (minimum order is only 10 grams per hop type).

Ideal for dry hopping beer kits, and for all grain and extract recipes. For the first time, you can buy only what you actually need.

Advantages of hops sold PER GRAM
- allows you to order the precise amount required for your recipe,
- typically about the same price per gram as 100g packs and will usually save you money in the long term,
- fresher than home stored hops,
- no room required in your fridge.

Usage: recipe fullfilment, dry hopping; so if your recipe requires 35 grams, then you can order just 35 grams.

Alphas, description etc: see the 100 gram equivalents here: Hop Pellets

Packaging: hops sold by the gram are packed in clear plactic bags. They should be purchased for a recipe and used relatively soon after delivery.

Freshness: these will typically be much fresher than hops you have previously opened, and then stored away for the next brew; this is because they are freshly packed to order.
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Viewing 1 — 2 of 2 items | Page 1 of 1