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Hop pellets are more stable than hop cones, and are usually preferred by microbreweries for this reason. Please contact us for microbrewery hop pellet pricing. So we would recommend that all brewers use pellets for more consistent results.

Another first for Ireland: Bulldog hop pellets. A large range of 100 gram T90 type hop pellets, packed in light vacuum and nitrogen flushed for extreme shelf life. Bulldog pellet descriptions come with a list of possible substitute pellets and with details of:
- Alpha acid %
- Beta acid %
- Co-humulone (% of alpha acids)
Alpha acid content varies for each batch. Each bag is marked with the crop year and the exact alpha acid content. The alpha acid values shown here are approximate only.

When you have opened a Bulldog hop pellet bag, you can squeeze out the air and reseal it with the "ziplock". Store cool for use next time. Metal layer bags are used for maximum oxygen barrier. Note that it is not the vacuum that protects our hops, it is the inert nitrogen athmosphere in the bag. We first inject nitrogen in the bag, then we remove most of it, but not all in a light vacuum, nitrogen flush pack. This method is better at protecting the hops in the bag, than just vacuum alone.

Our Own Brand hop pellets are packed in special vacuum packages (aluminium foil packs, not clear plastic) for optimal storage life and put in cold storage at 2°C. The availability and alpha-acid content strongly depend on the harvest. The alpha-acid content is indicated on every package.

Hop pellets are hops with the stalks taken away, ground and pressed into little rods. Use about 10% less than when using hop cones with a similar alpha level. Hop pellets can be kept longer and are usually available longer during the course of the season.

For general information discussion on hops, see: Brupaks Hop Guide and here: Bulldog Hop Pellets.

Hops have been used for beer making since the middle ages; it all started in Germany. It later spread to the UK via Flemish merchant traders.