How To Home Brew

Home brew in Ireland has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with large shops and even a wholesaler (Home Brew West) offering thousands of products. Unfortunately, so many products can be somewhat daunting. This section contains articles that try to help you navigate your way to the best solutions for your particular needs. Other articles contain specific information, and help to avoid common pitfalls. Many aspects of homebrewing here are unique to Ireland; these include climate, water quality and the cost of commercial products.

If you really want to know what home brewing is all about, read the articles below. They should give you a real feel for the essential equipment you will need, and see how it is used by homebrew beer, cider, wine and spirit making experts.

Applying new technologies has made it much easier, and the quality of homebrew beer and wine kits has dramatically improved over recent years. These days its quite easy to consistently make high quality beers and wines at a fraction of shop bough equivalents.

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