iBrew Beer Making

The new  iBrew Beer equipment comes with new minikegs capable of withstanding much higher pressure than the earlier versions. Ingredient kits used to be all malt 20 pint lager, ale (bitter), and stout only. But these have been replaced with Craft Range Pilsner and others to follow.

iBrew dispensing equipment allows you to add both CO2 and Nitrogen, to get creamy draft beers like stouts and certain ales. Making 20 pints of beer at a time allows you to sample many more types of beers.

The new  iBrew Tap-A-Draft equipment comes with 4 of the new 10 pint minikegs, a unique carbonator/tap unit, and CO2. Its a wonderful alternative to conventional 40 pint kegs and has many advantages:
- no secondary fermentation is required (the 10 pint kegs are ready to dispense an hour after injecting the CO2),
- they fit in a houshold fridge so that your beer can be chilled, and
- they can be moved around: from your kitchen to the coffee table, or to a party (no secondary fermentation means negligable yeast sediment).