iBrew Beer Starter Kit With 2 By 20 Pint Pilsner Kits

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Product description

A 20 pint system for brewing top quality all malt beers.

The new  iBrew Beer equipment comes with new minikegs capable of withstanding much higher pressure than the earlier versions.

iBrew dispensing equipment allows you to add both CO2 and Nitrogen, to get creamy draught beers like stouts and certain ales. 

- 25 litre fermentation bucket and lid,
- 2 by 20 pint all malt Pilsner kits,
- stirring paddle, 
- sterilizer/cleaner,
- 2 by 10 pint dispenser bottle and caps,
- carbonator/tap and base plate,
- pack of 10 by CO2 bulbs,
siphon tube, and
- instruction booklet. 

Ingredient kits used to be all malt 20 pint lager, ale (bitter), and stout. But these have now been replaced with Craft Range Pilsner and others to follow.
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