LICK Natural Liqueur Extracts

With LICK aromas you can make your own home made spirits and liqueurs for a fraction of the price of shop bought equivalents. Because many of them are 100% natural, you can also use LICK extracts for all sorts of delicious culinary dishes including desserts, pastries, and yoghurts. Each bottle contains enough extract to make 1 litre of liqueur.

Lick extracts contain fewer artificial ingredients that other extracts, and many are 100% natural. We will endeavour to provide full ingredient lists for each one; as a general rule Lick uses colourizing agents for darker essences so that clear or light essences tend to be 100% natural. Please be patient though, we have nearly 100 is stock so it will take some time to check all the labels and post the ingredients.

How To Prepare Your Own Liqueurs

Each 20 ml bottle of essence contains complete instructions. Mix with water, pure alcohol (90/96°) and sugar (for diabetics who can use fructose - use 75% of the indicated sugar amount) to obtain liqueurs wholly comparable with shop liqueurs at a fraction of the price.

Lick aromas come from Belgium where pure alcohol can be purchased legally. In Ireland, substitute this with the strongest vodka you can find and adjust the proportions of water and alcohol to get the equivalent ABV mix. Email us if you need further advice on this.

Sugar and alcohol proportions can be adjusted to suit personal tastes. You can reduce the recommended amount of alcohol and increase the volume of water to give a less alcoholic liqueur. One litre of pure alcohol makes up to three litres of Lick liqueur, or more if you reduce the alcohol amount. That will not necessarily spoil the taste of the drink, it only makes it less alcoholic.

Once your liqueur is ready, you should allow it to rest for at least a week. Ageing improves all liqueurs, and patience will be well rewarded.

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Viewing 1 — 73 of 73 items | Page 1 of 1