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Natural extracts ALCOFERM
Alcoferm has a wide range of liqueur extracts for making the tastiest liqueurs in no time. These extracts can also be used to aromatise or to enrich wines, aperitifs, beers, pastries etc. On every bottle you’ll find a liqueur recipe.

Liqueur Extract ALCOFERM Extracts
Extracts that can be used for liqueur making or as a taste improver for wines and beers. The amount of extract to use when making liqueur: e.g. 1% = 1 litre extract for 100 l of liqueur. With a liqueur recipe on every bottle.

Making your own sugar syrup is very easy: by dissolving 1.05 kg of granulated sugar in 1 l of water you’ll get 1,66 litres of sugar syrup of 65%. Dissolving 633 g of granulated sugar into 600 ml of water will get you 1 litre of sugar syrup of 65%. Always stir thoroughly until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Mix with vodka to save a small fortune on liqueurs!

Available in 100 ml and 1 litre size. May not be used in commercial wines !
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