Mangrove Jack's Craft Series 2.2 Kg Beer Kits

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series have built on the Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series as follows:
- they contain additional top quality malt extract, and
- they use the amazing Mangrove Jack's yeast strains optimized for each beer style.
This combination results in a beer kit of unsurpassed quality.

Each beer kit pouch has two sides. One side has been cold filled with some of Europe's finest brewers' extracts. The other contains a high quality yeast strain to give you the desired aromas for your chosen beer as well as instructions on how to brew your beer.

The pouches are cold filled using nitrogen flushing technology to provide the purest products. This low temperature filling process retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurisation of cans by prolonged heating and hot filling. 

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Viewing 1 — 27 of 27 items | Page 1 of 1