Mini Keg Starter Kit Brewferm With Party Star Deluxe NEW VERSION

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Brewferm MiniKeg Starter Kit

Much easier than bottling your homebrew beer, mini kegs are also ideal for parties and fit conveniently in the fridge too. Fill the keg with beer, add 3 grams of sugar per litre, and leave in a warm place. After a week or so, move the keg somewhere cooler. Then, after another few days, tap your beer for consumption and enjoy! The CO2 gives the beer a superb head. There is no contact with the outside air so your beer won't get oxidised and will last in the keg for weeks. 

- 3 by 5 litre mini kegs with rubber bungs, 
- Party Star Deluxe beer tap; this is a special CO2 tap head with adjustable beer flow and CO2 discharge.
- 10 by 16 gram CO2 cartridges.

This improved product replaces the earlier "Mini keg starter kit Brewferm".

Please note that Brouwland recommend that the kegs be cleaned with: 
Chemipro OXI No Rinse Cleaner Sterilizer 1 Kg
Other cleaning agents can damage the protective coating on the internals of the kegs.
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