On The House Merlot 30 Bottle Wine Kit

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On The House Merlot Wine Making Kit

Flavour notes: Red Fruit and Oak

Body: Medium

Oak: Medium

Sweetness: Dry

Alcohol ABV: 11.5%

Makes 30 bottles approx. 

Makes 30 Bottles of Homebrew Wine, Ready In 4 Weeks, 6 Litre concentrate, quality wine kit. This wine kit range replaces the California Connoisseur 30 Bottle Kits which contained 7.5 Lites of Concentrate. The new kits are more concentrated, hence the smaller volume but the quality is at least as good. 

This is an ingredient kit and you don't need any additional ingredients. You will need a 30 bottle wine equipment starter kit containing: 

1 by 30 litre food grade plastic fermentor with bung and airlock
1 by 23/25/30 litre secondary fermenter (plastic or glass carboy) with bung and airlock
1 by syphon (or a tap plus transfer tubing)
1 by tap plus filling stick
1 by Hydrometer
1 by Trial Test jar
2 by stick on thermometers
1 by mixing spoon
1 by sanitizer / sterilizer (VWP of Chemipro Oxi)
30 by 750ml wine bottles with corks or screw caps or equivalent

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