Prestige PR Essences

Recent developments in yeast technology have enabled home brewers to produce a quality base spirit from 14 to 21% ABV. We suggest that you start with the Alcotec Spirit Base Kit (5 Litres) because it will yield a quality 20% ABV base spirit. You will also get to use all the ingredients with proper instructions. Then all you have to do is select any three essences, enough to flavour 6 bottles.

More experienced homebrewers might purchase all the ingredients separately and produce from 6 to 30 bottles. These ingredients include:
- high alcohol yeast and nutrient packs (producing 25 litres of 14 to 23% ABV),
- liquid activated carbon (used to remove fermentation byproducts and  impurities), and
- clearing agents (special finings used to clear the spirit),
- essences (used to flavour the spirit).

Prestige PRO essences are top of the range and worth paying a bit extra for.

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Viewing 1 — 43 of 43 items | Page 1 of 1