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Professional Corks For Serious Wine And Spirit Makers

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There is a massive difference in quality between corks. We work directly with teo cork manufacturers so we get top quality corks at great pricing. Normally available only to the wine industry in large quantities, we have been able to get top quality corks for the homebrewer.

Corks made from natural cork are graded on porisity: some are so poor that holes in the cork form a path through the cork! Don't soak poor quality natural corks in an attempt to soften them . . . compressing the cork to get it into the neck of a wine bottle will squeeze all the gunk from the cork and ruin your wine.

Others are made by compressing small pieces of natural cork; these are known as pressed / conglomerated / agglomerated corks. And they are superior to the cheaper natural corks. 

Synthetic corks are made from special recyclable thermoplastic high-tech plastics and are by far the best quality available. Quality synthetic corks:
- are lubricated with neutral food grade materials,
- will not introuduce odors or bad tastes into your wines or spirits,
- retain their shape,
- seal the bottle for years, or even indefinitely,
- prevent oxidation of the wines or spirits.
Since the corks themselves must be kept away from liquids and odours, we can only ship them in their original packaging (boxes of 50 or 100) and can't ship them in smaller quantities. Full specifications including certifications for the corks are available from the manufacturers.