PuriFerm MOCKBA Turbo Yeast Extra Pure High Alcohol Fermentation

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PuriFerm MOCKBA Turbo Yeast

This turbo yeast strain produces an extra pure high ABV fermentation very fast: 
- 19% ABV in just 5 days, or
- 21% ABV in 7 to 10 days
(To reach 21% alcohol, you would need to keep the temperature constant between 18 oC and 24 oC which will require cooling equipment due to the speed of the fermentation which creates heat).

This is a peak performance High Alcohol Turbo Yeast and is top of the PuriFerm range. It can ferment 8 kgs of sugar (to 25L volume) in just under 5 days with a very clean result. It is also one of the few turbo yeasts capable of creating more than 21% alcohol by fermentation.

PuriFerm MOCKBA Turbo Yeast is a new version of the original "48" recipe. It is a more efficient yeast with enhanced blends of ingredients based on a completely new, very clean ethanol TT yeast strain, capable of 19% ABV in 5 days and 21% alcohol in less than 10 days.

Contents: 140 grams
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