PuriFerm, PathFinder Turbo Yeasts

The PuriFerm Turbo Yeasts and PathFinder Turbo Yeasts are two new value homebrew turbo yeasts for spirit making. Most yeast strains are similar in the turbo yeast market, so what differentiates them is usually the quantity of yeast and nutrients in the packet. Essentially, bigger is usually better, yielding faster fermentations, higher alcohol, and purer spirit. We are in the process of publishing the pack weights of each turbo yeast for all the brands we carry so that you are better positioned to compare them.

The PuriFerm range contains: Puriferm XXL Turbo 100L, Puriferm UK-3 Turbo, Puriferm Carbon Turbo, Puriferm Fruit Turbo, Puriferm Mockba, Puriferm UK-24 Turbo and Puriferm UK-48 Turbo. The PathFinder range contains: Pathfinder Yeast TY24, Pathfinder Yeast TY48, Pathfinder Yeast TY20, Pathfinder Yeast TY147, Pathfinder Yeast TY00, Pathfinder Liquid Activated Carbon and Pathfinder Clearing.