Quad Wine Kit Set (5 Demijohns With Airlocks)

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Variety Pack of 5 Demijohns With Airlocks For Making 4 by 6 Bottle Wine Kits

Contains: 5 demijohns, 5 rubber bungs, and 5 airlocks.

You don't need 8 demijohns to make 4 wine kits, you only need 5. All very clever! 

Brewing a single 6 bottle wine kit requires almost as much effort as making 30 bottles of wine. This novel demijohn pack allows you to brew 4 small wine kits at the same time: its not much extra effort compared to brewing just 6 bottles. Have fun brewing 4 different homebrew wine kits from the same range, or even different ranges. It works as follows: 
- use 4 demijohns to start  4 wine kits,
- when they have finished primary fermentation move one of them into the fifth demijohn,
- then clean the free demijohn and use it to rack off another wine kit,
- repeat until all 4 kits have been racked off to new demijohns,
- repeat if necessary for bottling. 

All you have to do now is select  4 wine kits from this section: 6 Bottle Wine Kits
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