ROTOKEG Top Tap Keg with FULL 8 gram cartridge system, and S30 compatibility

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Product description

Upgraded system with the new Stainless Steel S30 valves, and the 8gram cartridge injector has a stainless steel insert for long life.

A great keg with a 48 pint capacity. Equiped with an adapter for 8 gram cartridges, also S30 compatible.

The Rotokeg has a 4" neck to aid cleaning. The 4" neck means you can get your hand into the keg, so it makes cleaning easy.

It has a separate pressure release valve and an S30 injection valve built into the lid. Comes with an 8 gram gas cartridge adapter.

So it works with both S30 and 8 gram gas cartridges. 

There is an internal float system that draws the beer from the top and serves from the top tap. The top tap allows you to draw beer sooner, as beer clears from the top down.

The most straight forward draft beer solution. All you need is to buy a pack of CO2 cartridges, and you are ready to go!

The build quality of these kegs is superior to other 4" neck kegs.

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