S30 Counterflow 36 Plate Chiller True 304 Grade Stainless Steel

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Product description

A top quality true stainless steel compact Counterflow Wort Chiller fitted with 36 stainless steel heat exchange plates which cool 50 litres of boiled wort down to pitching temperature in about 10 minutes.

When boiling your own wort for making beer, it is important that you can cool it down to room temperature fast once the boil is done. This will allow the cold drop to take place, which is when proteins fall out. These would otherwise have created a hazy beer later when chilled. S30 manufactures several high quality stainless steel wort chillers.

S30 36-plate counterflow wort chiller

The S30 counterflow wort chiller, with its 36 plates, is a technical marvel of perfection. It has standard 1/2" screw fittings for the two channels - one for wort (hot) and one for cold water.  It is capable of cooling up to 60 litres of hot wort down to 20 oC in less than 15 minutes, using only gravity feed (no extra pump required).

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