Siphon Valve "BOTTLE FILLER" Clear/black FT 33 cm

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Product description

BOTTLE FILLING DEVICE transparent/black FT
For bottling your wine or bier in an accurate and quick way. Fills from the bottom for a minimum oxidation ! Ideal in combination with the auto-siphon.

This plastic bottle filler is fitted with a valve at the end. To fill, rest the filler on the bottom of the bottle. The weight of the filler will open the valve and allow flow. To stop, lift the tube from the base of the bottle, and the flow will stop. This works with either wine or beer. Fits into the end of the simple syphon. You won't lose a drop when bottling. A must have for all homebrewers.

Fits on standard 9/13 mm PVC hose

Code 101983

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