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Soymilk making

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Make your own soy milk, nut milk, almondmilk, rice milk, and more.

For a long time soy milk was known as a vegan drink alternative to cow’s milk, but those days are gone. More and more people (e.g. lactose intolorants) are searching for alternatives to the cow milk. Fortunately there are several options: you can now find milk products made from soy beans, nuts, almonds, oats, rice and other grains. All these drinks can serve as an equal alternative (contact your GP in case of doubt). Nut and grain milk are not just very tasty and healthy to drink, the remaining paste can also be processed to add to all sorts of dishes.

When you are a regular user of these alternative products, you should consider buying your own milk maker because commercial milk varieties cost €2 to €3 per litre, and homemade milk can cost a lot less. With 1 kg of soybeans you can make 10-15 litres of your own soy milk! Besides, you can even adjust the preparation to your personal taste by combining and adding several grains and nuts.

To make 5 beans soy milk; you will need:
    Soyferm sojadrankmaker
    40 g of soya beans
    10 g of black soya beans
    10 g of snap beans
    10 g of peas, pignuts
    1 litre of water

- soak the 5 beans for 6-8 hours and wash them so they are ready for use,
- plase the 5 beans in the screen-inner and add water to the stainless steel tank,
- start the machine,
- a-After 10 minutes, you will hear several alarms, informing you that the soya bean milk has been boiled and is ready for use,
- enjoy!

Beneficial effects:
Nourishes the liver and the kidneys, prevents aging, resists cancer, strengthens the immunity and protect the cardiovascular system.