Speidel Juice Container 65 Litre Stainless Steel


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Product description

65 Litre Stainless Steel Speidel Juice Container (also available in 110 and 170 litres)

A stainless steel container with:
- hermetically sealed oil floating lid, and
- additional hooded lid.

Designed for storing juices and sweet ciders without the need for any kind of preservation, so its a natural and chemical free system. It is perfect for heat sterilization of unfermented fruit juice.

Fruit juices can be stored for months and you can even pour a glass of  juice from the container every day without the risk of the juice fermenting or going off. The health benefits of fruit juices make them very popular: apples, pears, redcurrants, raspberries, blackcurrants, grapes and even elderberries. Juice can be stored on its own, or it can be blended with other juices. Water can be used to dilute to taste. And you can store fermented juices too.

The oil sealed floating lid drops as the juice is consumed, so you don't need to keep the container full. A ‘sealing ring’ of the finest quality medicinal grade oil forms a barrier to air, so that the juice can't become oxidized and will stay fresh for months.

As soon as fruit juice is pressed and placed in the container, the special high performance SPEIDEL submersible heating element can be used to heat it quickly to 85°- 90°C. This heat sterilization will also stop the juice fermenting, and you don't need to add any chemicals. For effective heat sterilization, the container should be at least half full.

Stainless steel is by far the best material for juice containers. Food safe, it is also completely impermeable to air. So air can't get in; a side effect is that aroma from the fruit is also locked in and can't get out. Stainless steel also has no impact at all on the taste of the juice, and it is completely immune to fruit acid. Finally, it is very easy to clean without requiring potent cleaning chemicals.

- stainless steel tank with flat bottom, open top with reinforced rim (approx. 20 mm wide)
- outlet for clear juice is a welded threaded pipe R ¾"
- PE tap ¾"
- nominal width 10
- stainless steel floating lid with round grip
- stainless steel hood lid with round grip and vent
- 1 litre Vaseline oil (finest quality medicinal grade)

65 litres
765 mm
Diameter: 350 mm
Weight: 8 Kg
Speidel Order No.: 47050
Code 1311140010

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