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Speidel Microbrewery Equipment

Microbrewery Equipment in Ireland

UPDATE 24 Sept 2018
Low dissolved oxygen beer brewing: when it comes to brewing beer the Speidel Braumeister lives on another planet. Check out the new 1000 litre Braumeister. We are one of only 2 agents in Ireland/UK that can supply all Speidel brewing products, we've been trained on site in Germany and have installed many breweries in Ireland and also in NI and mainland UK. 

For tanks:

For Braumeisters:

For cider and other equipment: and

We've  deployed 12 Speidel microbreweries at the time of writing, so we've amassed considerable experience; many of these breweries are now producing award winning beers.

As the Irish agents for Speidel, we know that setting up a microbrewery has never been easier or more affordable. And you can make beer for as little as 0.20 euro cents per pint including energy costs. The process used to be complex with startup costs escalating quickly. Not with Speidel solutions, which are simple to install and operate. They are the top choice for microbreweries in Ireland. They are perfect for producing 10,000 to 250,000 litres of beer per annum. The best part for any microbrewery though is that with Speidel microbrewery equipment, you can make virtually any beer style. And you can train bar staff ro do it.

What to Expect When Setting up a Speidel

Below we have outlined some microbrewery configurations, based on annual capacity and the number of brew days per week. A complete microbrewery capable of producing 50,000 litres per annum can be built for as little as 25,000 euros including kegs. Doubling that capacity is simply a matter of adding fermentation tanks and kegs so that a 100,000 litre system doesn't cost that much more.

Space requirements are remarkably low, as low as 150 square feet of floor space. Speidel microbrewery solutions allow you to build a microbrewery in an incremental way so that you don't have to risk as much of your hard earned cash until you are sure that the business is going to work for you. In August 2013, we visited a Speidel microbrewery in Germany to view how simple installation and operation was (see  Homebrew News) for a write up on the visit.

We supply Speidel equipment and we also supply ingredients to microbreweries. The Speidel Braumeister 200 litre and 500 litre models are particularly suitable for microbrewery beer production, while the smaller 20 litre and 50 litre models are perfect for recipe development, and small production runs.

Advantages of the Speidel

A particular advantage is the fairly revolutionary, simple and leak-free use of the Speidel system. The main difference is the malt no longer being washed out through an agitator, but by a gentle re-circulating pump treatment of the wort. Mashing, purifying and hop boiling are all done in one single kettle. The control is fully automatic and can be programmed according to the specific recipe.

The Speidel Braumeister is designed for a brewing process of approximately 20, 50, 200 or 500  litres of beer. All sorts of bear such as wheat beer, pale or amber ale, Maerzen beer (a German sort of dark strong beer) and many others, can be brewed.

Multi temperature mashing can be easily programmed, giving access to just about any beer style ever made. The Speidel Braumeister takes care of wort production and hopping. The next step is fermentation and Speidel are world renowned for their stainless steel fermenters.

Further Reading on setting up a Speidel

To view a typical microbrewery layout, an excellent overview of operation and features can be downloaded here:

More information and recipes can be found here:

Please note that these units must be ordered in from Germany and delivery can take 4 to 6 weeks. This is a fraction of the time line competitors offer (6 months is typical).

Agents Speidel

HomeBrewWest are also agents for other companies who supply a very wide range of equipment including bottle fillers, commercial steam cleaning equipment and other equipment fthat you might need in your microbrewery. Contact Us for assistance in building your microbrewery.

Support and Speidel Braumeister Courses

HomeBrewWest now offers support in critical areas that could otherwise hold you up for months (or years):
- how to operate a Speidel system,
- step mashing,
- help with revenue / licencing start up paperwork,
- help with ongoing revenue paperwork requirements (brewing logs etc),
- recipe development, and
- simplified ingredients supply.
We are also running one day courses on how to set up a microbrewery in Galway, Ireland that deal with all of these issues and give you a hands on experience of brewing with a 200 litre Braumeister system.

Contact Us for more details. In the meantime, browse our Speidel Ingredient Packs below and get brewing asap. To keep it simple, these are complete ingredient "packs" that contain all the ingredients required to make your beer. Speidel programming instructions are outlined in the descriptions. Use the 20 litre packs for recipe development with a 20 litre Speidel, or with a 50 litre Speidel fitted with the shortened malt pipe. Use the 50, 200, and 500 litre packs for production using the appropriate Speidel. Contact us if you have specific recipe requirements.