The Bulldog Brewer All In One Grain Brewing System V3 NEW (Ireland Only)

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Product description

New V3:
Main difference is that there is a
  • Step mashing controller (4 steps)
Up to date info here:

There are some other features:
- power setting 100 to 2500 watts in increments of 100 watts so perfect rolling boils possible at minimum power,
- shorter pipe on sparge plate (15 cm, about half the original V2) so it fits snugly on even low grain bill beers,
- new 1 Amp Pump,
- 90 minute timer, and
- finer mesh on the malt pipe / bazooka; when you open the tap to fill the fermenter, you may need to run a paddle over the bazooka to clear off hop debris. (the one is ideal:
S30 Stainless Steel Beer Paddle 24").
Bulldog will soon be selling upgrades for the older models including the new pumps, malt pipes, sparge plates and even new PCB/display units. So you will be able to upgrade even the original V1 to the newest version.

The V2 has some great new features including:
- graduated inner surface so that you an see how much wort is in ther, and
- an adjustable sparge plate which spreads the recirculating wort over the grain bed, increasing efficiency.
See images at the bottom of this page.

Bulldog Brewer features
  •     Superior quality 304 grade stainless steel construction
  •     Stainless steel lid
  •     Heavy duty handles for lifting even when full
  •     Silicone tubing for all liquid transport
  •     Stainless steel ball valve outlet
  •     Stainless steel Bazooka filter
  •     Brushless 6W circulation pump
  •     Full size malt basket for large grain bills (9 kgs max)
  •     Stainless steel malt basket with heavy duty fine bottom mesh
  •     Concealed electric elements for easy cleaning
  •     Precise electronic temperature control via display, +/- 1°C
  •     Running time set via display
  •     Capacity (brewer) 30L (malt basket) 26L, finished beer 25L
  •     2.5kW heating elements, power can be adjusted via display
  •     Stainless steel spiral wort chiller
  •     Automatic overtemp cutout and overheat protection for max safety
  •     12 months warranty
Several improvements over competing systems:
  • Stronger malt basket mesh for up to 9 Kg malt
  • Better pump connections
  • Controller timer functions
  • Other small improvements
Bulldog Brewer graduated inner surface so that you an see how much wort is in there:
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