New RJS wines here! Shop closed to public but you can collect pre-paid orders at the shop 11am to 4PM Mon to Fri
New RJS wines here! Shop closed to public but you can collect pre-paid orders at the shop 11am to 4PM Mon to Fri


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The Craft Range Beer Kits

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The Craft Range manufacturers asked the question: what makes a truly great beer kit?

That's a bigger question than one might think! To answer it, they identified the main components of most beer kits:
- hopped liquid malt extract (LME), and
- yeast.

So they began a quest for the very best LMEs, and now use 3.0 Kg to 3.4 Kg in the beer kits. As the premier yeast development experts, they already had the best yeast strains. A very important advantage.

There was just one thing missing: hopped LME cans retain their bitterness, but unfortunately they tend to lose aroma "freshness" very quickly. So the Craft Range beer kits come with hops which are added during fermentation to add wonderful aromas and character to the beer. The amount of hops ranges from zero in the wheat kits, to 75 grams for the IPA kits.

The yeast and hop sachets are nitrogen and CO2 flushed, and then vacuum packed to the very highest standards to ensure that you don't lose any of the goodness.

Reading the profiles of the beer kits will make your mouth water: the wheat beer has a "wonderful aroma of banana and cloves", and has a "deliciously smooth and full bodied bubble gum flavour, with a delicate and lingering clove-like aftertaste". Have you ever heard of another wheat beer kit described like that? Its what you get when you combine the very best quality malt extract kits with the very best yeast strains.

So what about value? We get these kits directly from the manufacturer, cutting out middlemen. This has resulted in fantastic pricing, up to 25% below what it would otherwise be.

All Craft Range kits are complete, they do not require any additional ingredients;
No sugar is required, except a small amount for priming after fermentation.

To see just how easy bottling should be, have a look at our bottling video on YouTube: Bottling Made Easy. He is using a Craft Range Bottle Tree and a Craft Range Rinser. If you use these with Chemipro OXI or
Starsan, then you don't even have to rinse the bottles! When you buy a Craft Range kit, you can select bundle options to get all of these at close to a third of the normal price.