The Craft Range Brew Enhancer LME 1.2 Kg

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Product description

Top quality LME brew enhancer for all beer types.

EBC: 4 to 6
Dry Substance Range (°Brix): 79-83

Over 80 malt extracts were tested with dozens of new yeast strains to arrive at this new liquid malt extract (LME).

Perfect as a brewing adjunct for any beer kit; this is a special malt extract that ferments very cleanly so that you don't get the cidery off flavors associated with sugar or other brew enhancers. And because it fully ferments:
- it doesn't add too much body to the beer so that the intended beer style is maintained, and
- it adds more alcohol to the beer.

Tests have shown that it can contribute as much alcohol as 1 Kg of brewing sugar.

This really is the perfect sugar alternative for beer kits.

100% Malt Extract (no barley syrups or sugars).

Ingredient Declaration: Malt Extract
Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten
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