The Craft Range Czech Pilsener Beer Kit 3.35 Kg - Discounted Basic Packaging Until New Boxes Arrive

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Product description

Top quality 40 pint (23 litre) Czech Pilsener homebrew beer kit containing the best quality malt extract blends, hops and yeast strains. Includes additional brewing sugar, and priming sugar.

Although the yeast is top-fermenting for easy fermentation at room temperature (about 20 oC), this unique strain confers extremely neutral flavour characteristics to the beer (i.e. without fruity esters or other yeast congeners) so that a true pilsner style can be brewed.

What You See:
Pours a pale luminous gold with a fluffy white head.
Aroma: An aromatic blend of biscuit malt character with light spicy and herbal notes.
Taste: Sweet biscuity malt character gives way at once to a firm bitterness and leafy hop character.

Beer kit specifications are as follows:
Malt Extract: 3.0 Kg Pilsner
Hop Pellet Additions (Dry Hopping): Saaz (28 grams)
EBU Range: 36–44
EBC Range: 10-20
Target ABV%: 5.2%
Yeast Strain: US West Coast (top fermenting)
Fermentation Brewing Sugar Addition Included: 350 grams
Priming Sugar Included: 150 grams

Ingredient Declaration: Malt Extract, Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yeast
Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten
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Customer reviews

5 stars based on 2 reviews
David R
from Dublin

As far a pilsners go, I really can't fault this kit in any way. In fact, one of the better (if not the best) kits you'll buy. Follow the instructions, give it some time and you're in for a treat. I write this 16 weeks after bottling.

I brewed this one at 14c as recommended and bottled at 26 days @ circa 5.1 abv - pretty much on target.

At the obligatory 2-3 week post bottle sample taste was clean and, though very drinkable, was overly biscuity with bitter very much in background. Carbonation and head was fair but unimpressive.

Tonight, 16 weeks post bottle, I've got a clear, well carbonated (vigourous but contained), beer with a beautiful frothy head 2 minutes post pour. Smell is clean malt, mouthfeel is soft and pleasant, taste is clean with momentaty biscuit up front nicely balanced by a subtle but very present bitterness. I suspect that the softness is the top fermenting yeast trying to do its thing but in no way is this beer straying into estery territory. I'd class this beet as pilsner at full volume and highly recommend it.

from limerick

"the craft range" are quality,really good beer

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