The Craft Range Czech Pilsener Beer Kit 3.35 Kg With True Pilsner Yeast - Discounted Basic Packaging

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Product description

Top quality 40 pint (23 litre) Czech Pilsener homebrew beer kit containing the best quality malt extract blends, hops and yeast strains. Includes additional brewing sugar, and also includes priming sugar.

Comes with a true bottom-fermenting Bohemian Lager yeast that will produce a true Czech pilsner true to style BUT requires 10 oC to 15 oC fermentation temperature range. Furthermore, the temperature should be kept reasonably constant

What You See: Pours a pale luminous gold with a fluffy white head.
Aroma: An aromatic blend of biscuit malt character with light spicy and herbal notes.
Taste: Sweet biscuity malt character gives way at once to a firm bitterness and leafy hop character.

Beer kit specifications are as follows:
Malt Extract: 3.0 Kg Pilsner
Hop Pellet Additions (Dry Hopping): Saaz (28 grams)
EBU Range: 36–44
EBC Range: 10-20
Target ABV%: 5.0%
Yeast Strain: Bohemian Lager (bottom fermenting)
Fermentation Brewing Sugar Addition Included: 350 grams
Priming Sugar Included: 150 grams

Ingredient Declaration: Malt Extract, Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yeast
Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten
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Customer reviews

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David R
from Dublin

Brewed at 12c. Bottled @ 16 days. FG 4.8%.20 weeks in bottle and it's perfect today. Vibrant gold, good steady carbonation, clear, nice frothy head that lasts. Aroma balanced w biscuit and spice. Taste mellow malt that's cut by carbonation and pretty spot on lingering bitterness. All in all, cant see this getting any better and, right now,pretty moreish for a Sunday afternoon.

Have had to nurse this one along - 5-6 weeks ago too up front malty/biscuity.

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