The Craft Range Golden Ale Beer Kit 3.0 Kg - Discounted Basic Packaging Until New Boxes Arrive

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Product description

Top quality 40 pint (23 litre) Golden Ale beer kit containing the best quality malt extracts, hops and yeast strains. Includes priming sugar.

What You See:
Pours bright golden ale, with white head.
Aroma: Wonderfully complex hop aroma, refreshing grapefruit and lemon citrus notes intermingled with rich berry fruits, and a spicy, floral, undertone.
Taste: Crisp and refreshing, bursting with citrus character and hints of summer fruits, followed by a satisfying bitterness with a dry, lingering finish.

Beer kit specifications are as follows:
Malt Extract: 3.0 Kg Golden Ale
Hop Pellet Additions (Dry Hopping): Golden Ale (50 grams)
EBU Range: 32-40
EBC Range: 12-20
Target ABV%: 4.5%
Yeast Strain: British Ale

Priming Sugar Included: 100 grams

Ingredient Declaration: Barley Malt Extract, Hops, Hop Extract, Dextrose, Dried Brewing Yeast
Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten
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Customer reviews

from Annagry

So far my favourite brew out of around ten I've tried so far. Nice balance of hops, not as punchy as an IPA but perfect for the hop lover on the sesh 🍻

Charles Duffy
from Annagry

My favourite brew so far, a very nice balance of malt and hops

from Lahinch

Love this kit. Totally stopped all other methods of brewing and kit hacking etc. as it's consistent and easy every time, usually leave in primary for 2 weeks, can drink it quite green following a couple of weeks in secondary, gets better and better over time, even if secondary was not a great or steady temp. Miss local golden ales from when living in UK south east so this hits the spot without being like the usual US influenced ales. HBW service always good. So easy to brew with all included, I've less time than ever for this hobby but object to paying store prices for 'craft beer' that's not like a traditional english regional ale. So to have just one part of an evening washing my primary FV and sticking it in a press and then another washing bottles (using no rinse sanitiser!) and adding sugar and siphoning to a bottling bucket before racking into bottles is perfect. It's so nice just be sure to make sure you have a rolling stock!

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