The Craft Range Light LME 3.0 Kg

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The Craft Range Light Liquid Malt Extract LME 3.0 Kg

The Highest Quality Extra Light LME Pure Barley Malt Extract 
(no barley syrups or sugars).

Colour (EBC): 4 to 6
Dry Substance Range (°Brix): 79 to 83

Over 80 malt extracts were tested with dozens of new yeast strains to arrive at this new top quality liquid malt extract (LME).

It is perfect as an addition to any beer kit (use instead of sugar or brew enhancers), and also ideal for making extract beers. If you want to win homebrew competitions, this is the malt extract to use. 

It ferments very cleanly and adds more to ABV than other malt extracts. Tests have shown that, by weight, it can contribute almost as much alcohol as spraymalt. This is remarkable and a testament to its quality. 

It really is perfect for extract brewers and will facilitate a whole new level of quality beers.

Its also ideal for top quality 
whiskey making; microbreweries in Ireland and the UK, please get in touch for bulk pricing.

100% Malt Extract (no barley syrups or sugars).

Ingredient Declaration: Malt Extract
Allergen Declaration: Cereals Containing Gluten
Code 1811190001

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