UK Brew 1.6 Kg Beer Kits

A UK budget homebrew beer kit range.
These beer kits come with varietal yeasts matched to each style for best results. They are manufactured in the UK using liquid malt extracts selected for each beer style. The varietal brewery yeasts ferment a little slower than cheaper beer kit yeasts, but yield a much better result. Full brewing instructions are on the back of each pouch.

To make 23 litres (40 pints) of beer, you still also need:
- 1 kg of Brewing And Winemaking Sugar (lighter taste, cheapest option), OR
- a 1.5 Kg can of BH Light LME Liquid Malt Extract (maltier, a better option), OR
- a 1.2 Kg pouch of Craft Range Brew Enhancer LME 1.2 Kg (excellent choice), OR
- a 1.5 Kg pouch of Craft Range Light LME (recommended). 
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Viewing 1 — 14 of 14 items | Page 1 of 1