Vik Italian Primo Sale Cheese Culture for 20 Liters Milk

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Vik Italian Primo Sale Cheese Culture for 20 Liters Milk

Primo Sale is a type of Italian cheese, usually made from sheeps milk but can be made from cows milk too. Translated, the name means “first salt”; in other words a young cheese. Because its young, it has a bright white colored pate and is quite milky in flavor. It is rindless and almost soft. Typically consumed plain or else it can also be flavored with peppercorns.

Nearly all shop bought milk is both pasteurized and homegenized, but if you are using unpasteurized milk, than you should pasteurize it at at 72 oC for 15 seconds. When the milk drops to 40 oC add the cheese culture. When it drops to 36 oC, add the the liquid rennet. The curd should be formed after 18 to 20 minutes. Cut the  curd without breaking it using a blade into 2 cm wide slices and then cut again very carefully to create cubes about 2 cm square. Let it rest and them shake this curd without breaking it for about 5 minutes and lay it gently in the molds. The first turn is made after 20 minutes, and the second turn is made 50 minutes after this. Wait a couple of hours and turn it again, salting the surfaces with fine salt and bring the cheese to a maturing cellar or at somewhere with a constant temperature of 10 to 12 oC. The cheese should then be ready to eat after 36 hours. 

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